The Company

G. APOSTOLOU & CO. was founded in 1999 and its main activity is to imprint the corporate identity, history and character of its customers on the clothing label, which consists one of the most powerful tools available to the corporate branding.

The corporate identity reflected in the product is an integral part of the manufacturing production and a significant factor in its integrated presence on the market, as it promotes its value and makes the product easily recognizable.

By approaching each case with special care and professionalism, we:
• manufacture hangtags and all kinds of labels
• offer our customers specialized label printing equipment (for washing instructions, stickers, etc)
• we propose original designs and innovative creations

using the pioneering ideas of our creative team, always keeping in mind the new fashion trends, competition and market features.

With the use of competent design programs, new technologies and high end equipment as well the long experience of our staff, G. APOSTOLOU & CO. guarantees excellent quality and impeccable presentation throughout its range of services.

Setting as an ultimate goal our continuous improvement, at G. APOSTOLOU & CO. we invest in the research and the training of our partners, using the most up-to-date technologies, aiming at unique creations each time according to the needs of our clients, the characteristics of the product and the particularities of the target market.

For a contemporary business its well-embedded corporate identity is a condition for establishing itself in the highly competitive marketplace of the business environment.

We build a trusting relationship with our customers through a custom made presentation with samples of our work at your workplace or in ours.

We are waiting for you!